Ever been in a situation where you want two slices of pizza but only have the ability to hold one? The folks over at Stupidiotic have got you covered.

The Portable Pizza Pouch is a triangular ziplock bag on a string that stores an extra slice of pizza to wear around your neck.


Photo via Stupidiotic

Yes, this is genius. Our one concern: if you take a look at the product photos over on Stupidiotic, it looks as though the actual pouch itself is too small to hold, say, a New York slice. The bag looks like it can house a smallish slice of Dominos pizza, but what about deep dish, Sicilian square slices, and so on and so forth? They really should make a different pizza pouch for each style of pie, then sell the lot of them in a box set.

In the odd case you find yourself with a pizza pouch but without a slice of pizza to fit into the lanyard, you could always use it as a fanny pack-type device for your personal belongings. Nothing says professional quite like a lanyard with the label “stupid idiotic” posted on the front.

The website also sells a fork with a built-in pizza cutter, which, if you think about it, makes absolutely no sense.

[via Oddity Mall]

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