Front-of-house restaurant jobs come with certain challenges, like keeping all your customers straight in your head. After all, you don’t want to give a hot fudge sundae with extra nuts to the guy who just told you he has a severe peanut allergy, right?

So servers often assign nicknames to customers in their heads. Some are harmless descriptors, like “Hawaiian shirt guy,” or “Purple-haired lady.”

But there’s absolutely no excuse for what Pizza Hut Singapore customer Aili Si allegedly got when she went to pick up some pizzas.

receipt pink fat lady

Si posted this photo to Pizza Hut Singapore’s Facebook page, where it promptly got lots of attention. To Pizza Hut’s credit, they later apologized and promised to look into the matter:

pizza hut singapore facebook

This isn’t the first time a customer has gotten a side of sonning with their restaurant order, and it probably won’t be the last.

Pizza Hut Singapore is lucky it’s only dealing with bad publicity; some angry customers have sued over insulting receipts at other restaurants.

Landmark Steakhouse, Corona Del Mar, CA

Take the Landmark Steakhouse in Corona del Mar, CA. In February 2012, the restaurant ended up settling a lawsuit that customer Mark McHenry brought against it after receiving this receipt:

receipt mc stinky

According to the OC Weekly, other receipts McHenry had received from Landmark addressed him as “McNigShit” and “McCottonwood.” You know, in case anyone missed the overtly racist tones the first time.

Apparently, it wasn’t until McHenry saw this receipt after an otherwise enjoyable night out that he looked at his old receipts and saw all the racist name-calling. (Photo: OC Weekly)

Subway, Vista, CA

receipt big mama

And then there was this Flatizza order at a Subway, where Vista, CA customer Alison Brown received the above comment written on her flatbread box. Brown then lawyered up, but not to demand money. Instead, she demanded sensitivity training. (Photo: WSOCTV)

Brown told the NY Daily News,

“This isn’t about money. This breaks my heart. Here Subway promotes itself as a place for people who need help eating better, then this happens. What if the wrong person got a box like mine? What if they saw that and tried to commit suicide?”

Joe Delucci’s, Lichfield, Staffordshire, U.K.

receipt suck my dick

After customer Clare Watkin’s party apparently had the audacity to complain about bad service, they received the above receipt from Joe Delucci’s Italian restaurant in Lichfield, Staffordshire, England. Were they out of line to complain about bad service?

Watkins told the BBC why they complained:

We actually booked the table for 8 o’ clock in the evening, by the time they had taken our order it was quarter to nine and we didn’t actually receive our food until quarter past 10.”

Sounds legit to us, and that receipt seems like a totally over-the-top way to respond to criticism. (Photo: BBC)

Friendly’s Sports Bar and Grill, St. Louis, MO

receipt fin needin kids

On Father’s Day in 2013, Joseph Gibson took his three-year-old son out to eat with him at Friendly’s Bar & Grill, which Eater says is usually 21 & over. The waitress who took the order apparently meant it as a joke for kitchen staff, and was “in a hurry and forgot to take that off.”

Maybe the bar didn’t like being visually reminded that boneless chicken wings are essentially chicken nuggets for adults? (Photo: Eater)

Cactus Joe’s, Halifax, West Yorkshire, U.K.

receipt little fer

Photo: the Daily Mail

While the people at Friendly’s took the parents to task, Craig and Kimberley Cartin in Halifax, West Yorkshire, U.K. actually had their two-year-old daughter called out on their receipt.

Apparently service was slow, and two-year-old Molly was being honest about being upset, reports the Daily Mail. Her parents don’t believe that warranted “Thankyyoulittell Fucker” as the final itemized line (offered free of charge) on the receipt. The restaurant had been open for less than two weeks when this happened.

Even if you’re an employee who thinks you’re just making an inside joke, we’re pretty sure the only time you should ever write anything rude on a receipt is when you’re ready to quit your job and you just DGAF anymore. Unless you’re just stupid.

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