The crust innovators at Pizza Hut are at it again, and this time they’ve introduced not one, but two stunt food pizza rims. Brand Eating reports that down in New Zealand, the company is churning out a “Hash Bites Crust Pizza” (a.k.a., a tater-tot crust pizza; a.k.a, a stoner’s dream come true). Plus, if you want an extra side of tots, Pizza Hut will sell you that too—but only in New Zealand. Sorry, spud-loving Americans.

Instead, the United States of America was blessed this week with a crust featuring built-in cheese-stuffed garlic knots. It’s like a stuffed crust pizza and the best appetizer all rolled up into one carbed-out pie of gluten-laced bliss. While the press release advertises the pie—which includes 16 garlic knots—as being “an appetizer and pizza all in one,” we won’t judge you for ordering breadsticks too.

Pizza Hut has a long history of crust innovation all over the world. In Taiwan, the company introduced a pizza with a pineapple bun-stuffed crust, which stars a popular local sweet bun. In Australia, Pizza Hut rolled out a Doritos Crunch Crust Pizza, which features a crust layered with mozzarella cheese and Doritos chips and sprinkled with cheddar. A hot dog-stuffed crust was also available in Australia. In 2014, Pizza Hut took stunt pies to a new level with the introduction of its surf ’n’ turf, dessert-stuffed crust pizza in Korea, which featured a turnover-like crust stuffed with either cranberry and cream cheese, or cinnamon apples and cream cheese.

[via Brand Eating]