This week, something epic went down: More than 10,000 pizza enthusiasts, pizza buyers, pizza restaurant owners, and pizza makers gathered together at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the 31st annual International Pizza Expo.

You missed it? Sucks, we know. Here’s a description of the expo from LA Times Food writer Jenn Harris,

It’s a pizza lover’s dream come true. A convention center full of every cheese imaginable along with pepperoni, sausage and hundreds of ovens manned by pizzaiolos in chefs’ whites turning out pies with blistered crust. And there’s craft beer to wash it all down.

But forget about the actual pizza for a second and take a look at this pepperoni decal-covered pizza Corvette!

The car’s owner, Dan Collier of Ventura County restaurant chain PizzaMan Dan’s, was sporting Chucks printed with a pepperoni pizza pattern at the expo. #LEGEND

In addition to pizza whips, there were giant pies and a pizza-tossing competition.

In terms of pizza products, there was frozen pizza dough in the shape of ice cream cones, and whiskey salami pizza topping from Salt Lake City’s Creminelli Fine Meats.


The International Pizza Expo is the food event of the year, no doubt.

[via LA Times]