After his failed attempt to order an early-morning Big Mac at a Parisian McDonald’s (they were only serving breakfast items at 6am), rapper and producer Pharrell Williams will finally be getting his way with a burger.

According to Hypebeast, he collaborated with good friend/producer/DJ NIGO—also owner of Tokyo’s 2-5 Café—to put the “Pharrell Burger” on the restaurant menu.

Sandwiched between two crispy, toasted buns, the juicy burger patty is layered with melted cheese and crowned with a thick tomato slice “sprinkled with chopped onions and topped with a chunky sauce.” The burger is served with fries and a side salad.

Here’s a peek at the Pharrell in the making—head to Hypebeast for more food porn.

If you happen to be in Tokyo and you’re craving a beautifully-cooked burger, head over to 2-5 Café, located at 2-5, Nanpeidai-cho, Shibuya-ku.

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