Peugeot unveiled a prefab food truck this week that’s basically the Rolls Royce of mobile kitchens. The sleek minivan and trailer are small enough to navigate narrow European streets, but provided the space, they fold out to roughly double the original size.

Photo: PeugeotPhoto: Peugeot

Photos: Peugeot

The pimped out food truck is called Le Bistrot du Lion, and it’s totally party ready with inbuilt DJ booth, Focal speakers, and a 46-inch flat screen. When no-one’s on the decks, the speakers and screen can broadcast what’s going on in the kitchen.

Photo: GizmagPhoto: GizmagPhoto: Gizmag

Photos: Gizmag

French food truck specialist Euromag approved the food prep and service areas, which sound way better equipped than the average Parisian apartment: two grilling plates, four induction burners, a deep fryer, and 750 liters (200 gallons) of refrigerated storage space.

Photo: <a href="" Photo: <a href="" Photo: <a href=""

Photos: Gizmag

The design is so European that the truck is equipped with an espresso machine, plus standing tables and parasols where 30 people can sip espresso and discuss art, politics, philosophy, and how much they love Brooklyn.

Photo: GizmagPhoto: GizmagPhoto: Peugeot

Photos: GizmagPeugeot

At the launch in Paris, the pristine kitchen was deflowerd by chef Sven Chartier, the young hot shot behind organic-focused Saturne restaurant and more recently opened Le Clown Bar. The mobile bistro is now headed to Italy for Milan Design Week on April 14, followed by a six-month stint at the 2015 World’s Fair Expo.

Photo: Gizmag

Photo: Gizmag

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