Pizza obsessives are more than just connoisseurs of cheese and tomato. Around the world, a round of dough can be a canvas for all sorts of savory fever dreams. We’ve come a long way since the Neapolitan pizza of yesteryear; we now have countless variations on a hamburger pizza, and pies topped with everything from caviar to horse meat.

Check out the list below of insane international pizza creations.

Emu and Kangaroo Pizza from Australia

Australian Pizza

There’s no better way to feel like an Aussie than scarfing down their beloved national mascots: emus and kangaroos. These pies, called “The Coat of Arms,” come topped with bush tomatoes, cranberries, and capiscum, and they’re served at Sydney’s Australian Hotel. The obvious next question: Do people eat koalas? (Photo via Thrillist)

Horse Meat Pizza from Denmark

Danish horse meat

Danes are known for their culinary experiments—just take a peak at Action Bronson’s Instagrams from Copenhagen restaurant Noma. On the lower end of the dining spectrum, there’s the horse meat pizza at Copenhagen’s Gorm restaurant. While Americans shy away from it, horse is pretty damn tasty—we’d be all over this. (Photo via Digital Spy)

Whole Shrimp Cheese Bites Pizza from South Korea and Japan

Korean shrimp roll pizza

Sometimes, you have the kind of night where your go-to cheese pizza won’t cut it. Enter the Whole Shrimp Cheese Bites pizza, sold in South Korea and Japan. How do whole shrimps wrapped in cheese and cooked in dough sound? And that’s only the crust. Check out the commercial, which leaves a lot to the imagination. (Photo via Serious Eats)

Full English Breakfast Pizza from England

Full English

What we respect most about this pizza is that someone took the time to conceptualize this breakfast pizza fusion, cook it, and then upload the recipe for the enjoyment of the world. Also respectable: baked beans on a pizza. We’re confused as to why this isn’t a staple in America yet. The Full English Breakfast pizza boasts cheese, tomato, bacon, sausage, and mushrooms, all rotating on an axis around the egg-sun. (Photo via Instructables)

George Clooney Pizza from Hungary

George Clooney

Searching “pizza portraits” brings up millions of international celebrities fashioned out of toppings, but none compare to this George Clooney pie. We like to think the creator of this pizza found the face of George Clooney on her pizza, like a Jesus face, but it looks a little more intentional. Regardless, we wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of that ham, olive, and pineapple combo. (Photo via Tumblr)

McDonald’s Pizza from the US


Of course this pizza is from America. You shouldn’t have to choose between a Happy Meal and a pizza; you should have the right to both, PLUS french fries. The best part is, you can make the Happy Meal pizza at home without breaking a sweat. (Photo via Secret Menus)

“Chicago Pizza” from Sweden

Swedish pizza

If ham, beef, and bernaise sauce on a pizza is wrong, we don’t want to be right. Meet the “Chicago Pizza.” (Photo via Chicagoist)

“Mizza” from South Korea and Taiwan


This personal meal is definitely novel. Seemingly, you can’t eat Mizza (rice-crust pizza) with your hands, which makes us ponder if it’s really pizza at all. (Photo via bFeedme)

Crown Crust Burger Pizza from Abu Dhabi

Why this pizza hasn’t gone mainstream, we will never understand. Pizza Hut is proving all the haters wrong and offering a pizza covered in cheeseburger sliders. “Don’t put us in a box,” Pizza Hut could potentially have said. Thank you, Pizza Hut, for letting the people of Abu Dhabi experience this culinary masterpiece.

Grand Prix Pizza from South Korea

South Korean cookie crust

This pizza may look harmless, but don’t be fooled. The crust is cookie dough. Seriously—the Grand Prix offers potatoes and shrimp, among other sensational toppings, over a crust of cookies. As if that’s not enticing enough, it comes with a side of blueberry dipping sauce. Thank you, Based God praying emoji. (Photo via Flickr)

Banana Curry Pizza from Sweden

Swedish banana curry

The Swedes, a.k.a. the Willy Wonkas of the pizza world, are back at it. This latest edition features pineapples, banana slices, and curry. If you’re having trouble imagining how this pizza would taste, you’re not alone. Just like the “Chicago Pizza” above, the ingredients are so off-piste, they just might work. Or they could be an abomination to pizzas across the world. Let us know if you’ve eaten this pizza and lived to tell the tale. (Photo via Your Daily Pizza)

Seenay Pizza from Canada


We saved the most appetizing, semi-regular pizza for last. Steveson Pizza in Vancouver has a number of quirky pizza selections, but the Seenay is by far the most intriguing. Topped with tiger prawns, lobster ratatouille, smoked steelhead, Russian Osetra caviar, and Italian white truffles, you can cop this pizza for no less than $850, as long as you pre-order it a day ahead of time. Don’t take the chance of saving the last slice for tomorrow—it’s not that kind of pizza. (Photo via Thrillist)

Tell us your craziest international pizza experience in the comments below. Everybody has a crazy story involving pizza.