The grueling sport of insane burger creation peaked in 2013, with a load of last-minute burger contenders being unveiled in the past few months. Chefs, restaurant chains, and food bloggers around the world were experimenting not only with what they could fit inside a bun and call a burger, but also ditching the buns in favor of ramen and Cronuts.

Over the summer, Keizo Shimamoto introduced fried sesame ramen noodle buns to create the Ramen Burger, which people stood in line for two hours or more to taste. Burger King Japan brought us the Ninja Burger: a Whopper patty with a large slab of bacon and hash browns packed inside a charcoal-black bun. Over on the West Coast, burger chain Slater’s 50/50 came through with the All-Sriracha Burger. (Slaters is also the proud home of the 100% Bacon Burger.) These wacky burgers ranged from absurdly delicious to just plain absurd. Believe us, we’ve eaten a couple, including the New York hype food of the summer: our very own Umami-Cronut Burger. (Bow down.)

The new year is rapidly approaching, but before we put 2013 to bed, let’s take a look back at the most decadent, over-the-top, unthinkable burgers of the year.

Check out this year’s most insane and outlandish burgers.