It feels like food is just as much of a headliner at SXSW as tech and music this year. The megawatt collabo between Dominique Ansel and Aaron Franklin is already the talk of the town, and now we’ve got Oreos being printed out of a futuristic vending machine.

Mondelez International, Oreo’s parent company, has partnered up with Twitter to shower SXSW attendees with edible swag via “Trending Vending,” a lounge featuring two futuristic vending machines that print a layer of cream filling onto Oreo cookies.

Attendees can choose from a dozen flavors based on what’s trending on Twitter under the hashtag #eatthetweet. Options include banana, mint, birthday cake, and lime, and they can be paired with either a chocolate or vanilla base for the cookie. The chosen flavor is printed onto the cookie base within two minutes.

We can’t quite wrap our heads around the thought of eating printed cream, but according to a few people who tasted the next-gen Oreos, they taste exactly the same as the cookies we get off the shelves. The one hiccup? The cookie falls apart too easily.

If you want to try one for yourself, you might be in luck. The Oreo printers will soon be making their way around the world, and according to Bonin Bough, VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, the machines will even make an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

Watch the video above to see the cookie-printing machine in action.

[via Adweek]

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