We love mashup foods. Give us Cronuts, give us Wonuts, give us Umami-Cronut burgers, and definitely give us Oreo creme-filled Chips Ahoy.

That’s right, Nabisco has released chewy Chips Ahoy cookies filled with sweet Oreo creme. Because why settle for one Nabisco cookie when you can have two at the same damn time?

Photo: The Impulsive Buy

Photo: The Impulsive Buy

Before you run to Walmart to buy the very special cookies, know that everyone else and their mother has the exact same idea as you do.

And if you get to the supermarket and the cookies are sold out, please don’t embarrass yourself and make a scene. Just hold back your tears, and make these Oreo-stuffed brownie cakes instead.

Now, let’s take a look at what the Twitterverse has to say about the Oreo-Chips Ahoy hybrid:

[via Foodbeast]