In the days leading up to David Letterman’s final show, the guest appearances have been steadily ramping up, and all the guests have been bringing their A games.

When Oprah was on, Dave and her had a moment bonding over their favorite munchie snack foods. Oprah’s reaction to the question “What do you think about weed—are you smokin’?” was priceless.

She went on to say that she hasn’t smoked weed in 30 years. But then Dave reminisced fondly about the munchies, and telling the story of why he quit. He said, “I think I told you, one night I found myself standing in front of the freezer…I ate two pints of ice cream! And I thought, this can’t be good for me.”

oprah oreos

Then Oprah revealed, “For me, it was a sleeve of Oreos. A sleeve of Oreos, man!

We don’t know what O would make of the new limited-edition S’mores Oreos or any of the other limited-release flavors that have been flooding store shelves in the past few years. But we do know that she’s one of the last guests to take a selfie with Dave before he signs off for the final time on Wednesday, May 20th.

Although Wednesday is Letterman’s last show, Time reports that it’ll be an all-clips show. Letterman’s last guest will be Bill Murray on the 19th—who, coincidentally, was also Letterman’s first guest ever. Will we get to hear any Murray munchies stories? Here’s hoping.

[via Eater]