We can get behind potato chip nachos and slutty brownies—if the flavors make sense, we have no problem with a little gimmickry once in a while. But when folks start making monstrosities like snickerdoodles stuffed with Snickers and rolled in cheese doodle pieces, we have to ask ourselves, “Why?!” A good pun doesn’t necessarily make a good food. And while mashups like the Cronut—a smart, sensical, well-made pastry—can be successful, that burger you made topped with chicken-fried steak and teriyaki sauce may just be trying too hard.

There are so many other novelty junk foods jostling to gain attention from the public and the media. The vast majority of them simply merit a slow head-shaking for their misuse of perfectly good ingredients. After all, there’s something to be said about simplicity.

Click through the gallery to see the worst examples of over-the-top foods that are simply trying too damn hard.

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