As a professional NFL player, Geoff Schwartz takes his diet pretty seriously. Offseason, Schwartz likes to feast mainly on protein, vegetables, cheese, and nuts to “maximize muscle growth and lean out.”

Into the season, when he’s exerting more energy and burning more calories, the NFL player incorporates carbs into his diet. That’s where this BBQ bacon cheeseburger comes in.

Schwartz demonstrates how to make the lean burger—which he tops with fried onion strings and bacon that he grills on his Green Egg—in the video above.


While grilling the patties, Schwartz brushes them with BBQ sauce, then tops the patties with colby jack cheese (his favorite). If you’re looking for a good low-carb and all-protein dish that fits into your training diet, simply forgo the toasted onion hamburger bun.

Break out that Green Egg and get grilling, future NFL stars.

[via YouTube]

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