There is a very questionable food trend happening in England right now. Varsity pub in the UK serves a dish called “The Dirty Dog’s Dinner,” which is served in a dog bowl, and features items that look like leftovers you might feed your dog—including french fries, sausages, bacon bits, and baked beans.

The comically unappetizing bowl first caught fire after being posted on the @WeWantPlates Twitter account. 

The best part of the Dirty Dog’s Dinner: whatever you don’t finish you can bring home to your dog, and it won’t look much different than fido’s real food.

Dirty dogs dinner…. Actually comes in a dog bowl!! LOL #dirtydogsdinner #dogsdinner #dogbowl #menu

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Mashable notes that the dog food bowl isn’t even the weirdest pub food that the UK has tried to make happen. Pubs across the UK are dishing out food in purses and shovels.

If you’re looking to try the Dirty Dog’s Dinner for yourself, you’re in luck. Varsity tells Mashable that the dish is currently on sale for £4.29. 

[via Mashable]