Let’s be real—sometimes eating is a huge hassle. A real time suck. Recognizing the inconvenience of needing to eat food, a young programmer from Atlanta named Rob Rhinehart set out to create a drinkable solution. Not juices or a caloric booster like Nutrament, mind you, but something that would literally answer all of your nutritional needs in one beverage.

His answer is Soylent, a generally unappetizing liquid formula consisting of all of the nutrients needed for human survival (he lists them all on his blog). Although the exact recipe isn’t available, it appears that Rhinehart has essentially created a moonshine version of the medical food that’s IV’ed into patients who can’t eat.

If you’re interested in joining his foodless revolution, his website mentions that he’s looking for volunteers to test out the product for themselves.

We were thinking about signing up, but then we suddenly remembered: Eating is, in fact, awesome and not really annoying at all, except when you have crack upon a lobster or pizza burns the roof of your mouth or whatever. So we’ll stick with the old-school method, thanks. Rhinehart can feel free to laugh us to the grave when the apocalypse strikes and he’s surviving on a Big Gulp of Soylent while we all try to eat each other.

[Via The Washington Post]