Soylent is so hot right now. The “open-source nutritional drink” was developed last year by a Silicon Valley software engineer who was weary of eating actual food.

And now, Nestle—a company that’s raked in the big bucks with its Nespresso coffee machines—is developing a “custom blend of vitamins and minerals that will eliminate the need for food altogether,” reports Quartz.

The program is code-named “Iron Man,” and Nestle researchers working on the project aim to create a Nespresso-like device that brews up custom-blended drinks tailored to an individual’s supplement deficiencies.

The director of Nestle’s health institute, Ed Baetge, tells Quartz,

“Iron Man is an analysis of what’s missing in our diets, and a product, tailored to you, to help make up that difference. In the past, food was just food. We’re going in a new direction.

Bloomberg reports that a full nutritional examination runs well over $1,000, so we can only begin to imagine how much a Nespresso nutrient capsule machine would cost.

No matter if this product is brought to market or not, the work being done by Nestle’s researchers is essential. More than 110 researchers are working to discover links between vitamin and mineral deficiencies and illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

[via QuartzBloomberg]

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