The math was simple: Oreos are America’s Favorite Cookie®. Churros are beautiful, delicious, glorious sticks of fried dough.

America loves frying things. Really, it was almost inevitable that those two crazy snacks would get together in a deep-fryer and make flavor explosions in your mouth. Oreo Churros were a delicious snack food mashup that was just waiting to happen.

oreo churro

You may not know the name J&J Snack Foods Corporation, unless you work in the food service industry. But chances are excellent that you’ve eaten some of their products.

They’re the company that provides things like SuperPretzels, funnel cakes, and regular churros to various stadiums, state fairs, and other quick-serve restaurants across the land.

They’re also the company that’s bringing Oreo Churros—and that crucial Oreo creme dipping sauce—to life. For that, Oreo fans must surely owe them a debt of gratitude.

Jerry Law, senior vice president of J&J Snack Foods, said in a statement:

“As the leading churro manufacturer, we are excited about our new relationship with the world-famous Oreo cookie brand. Oreo cookie and churro fans alike will not be disappointed in the latest snacking mash up.


This product is so new, of course it remains to be seen whether Law’s prediction is right. But we can definitely hope.

Food Dive speculates that the introduction of Oreo Churros will introduce the idea of churros to whole areas of the country that are unfamiliar with this delicious fried dough snack.

If the mere thought of Oreo Churros isn’t exciting enough, they’ll be available in three different varieties:

  • traditional churro sticks
  • double-twisted churros
  • bite-size churros

Unfortunately, no specific date of availability was mentioned in the official release.

While we’re wishing for things to happen, let’s hope those double-twisted churros also come with extra Oreo creme dipping sauce.

c is for cookie

Photo: YouTube

We would also like to take this moment to recognize that both ‘cookie’ and ‘churro’ start with ‘C.’

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