It’s the most wonderful time of the year right now—the time when Girl Scouts everywhere are testing their entrepreneurial might and winning over hearts and mouths with every delicious flavor of Girl Scout cookie. Of course, it’s also January, when everyone’s hibernating in their free time with their favorite alcoholic beverages, Netflix, and copious amounts of pizza.

Luckily, the editorial minds at The Bourbon Review and Craft Beer & Brewing have assembled some thoughtful pairings of Girl Scout cookies with some of your favorite adult beverages to keep you going this winter. Writer Elizabeth Roach consulted Lexington, Ky. Beverage Consultant Adam Geissler for The Bourbon Review, while the editors of Craft Beer & Brewing offer an annual roundup of beer picks for 2015. Both publications take Girl Scout cookies almost as seriously as they take bourbon and beer, which led to some intriguing pairings.

Both lists are well worth reading, bookmarking, and pulling up on your phone while you’re at your favorite store.

Here are a few options to start cookie season off right.

Thin Mints

gsc pairings thin mints

Photo: Flickr/John Bule

Recommended bourbon pairing: The Bourbon Review recommends Basil Hayden’s because its peppermint notes help it pair beautifully with America’s favorite Girl Scout cookie

Recommended beer pairing: Craft Beer & Brewing recommends either Alesmith Speedway Stout or Perennial 17 Mint Chocolate Stout.

Tagalongs/Peanut Butter Patties

gsc pairings tagalongs

Photo: Flickr/Laine Trees

Recommended bourbon pairing: TBR recommends Johnny Drum by Willett, and says that it stands up well to the rich taste and mouthfeel of this classic chocolate and peanut butter cookie.

Recommended beer pairing: CB&B recommends Off Color Brewing’s Dino Smores or Founders Big Lushious.

Samoas/Caramel DeLites

gsc pairings samoas

Photo: Flickr/Upupa4Me

Recommended bourbon pairing: TBR suggests Angel’s Envy Rye, because the brown sugar and cinnamon in the Angel’s Envy work beautifully with everyone’s favorite coconutty GSC treat.

Recommended beer pairing: CB&B suggests either Firestone Walker Sucaba or Schlafly Bière de Garde.

If you’re out shopping, you can pull up The Bourbon Review’s full pairing list here, and you can pull up Craft Beer & Brewing’s full pairing list here. We just want to make sure you’re ready when your cookie order comes in.

[via The Bourbon Review, Craft Beer & Brewing]

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