The Nashville location of the fancy Steakhouse chain Morton’s is getting a lot of well-deserved flack. The restaurant’s Yelp page is littered with reviews accusing the restaurant of mistreating a cancer patient by insisting that he remove his wool hat while dining at the restaurant.

NewsChannel5 has the whole story:

A man undergoing chemotherapy treatments said he was asked to take off his hat because it violated the restaurant’s dress code.

Robert Chambers said he put on a beanie to keep him warm — combating the side effects of his chemotherapy treatments. Chambers said a waitress then told him to take off the hat because it was against dress code.

After explaining that Chambers had cancer, a manager came over and asked to see a doctor’s note before he could put the hat back on.

Chambers said the situation went downhill from there, with their entire party eventually asked to leave the restaurant.

One of the people in Chambers’ party posted her account of the story to Facebook, and a slew of negative Yelp reviews followed. Here are only a few of the many hateful comments on Yelp:

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The chain responded to the incident on their Facebook page, then promised to donate $2,000 to St.Jude’s Hospital in Chambers’ name. At this point, they knew they were in deep shit.


Apparently, Chambers spoke with Morton’s COO Tim Whitlock and made amends. Here’s the statement he posted online:

“I just had a 30 minute conversation with Morton’s COO Tim Whitlock. He and I talked about Friday night, and the unfortunate events. He was very apologetic and we had a good discussion. End result, Morton’s will make a donation in the amount of our check to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Apology accepted time too be on. I have more important things to fight than Morton’s. Thanks to all of you for your words of support and angst over the situation. It’s about empathy and how people are treated regardless of the situation. Again thanks for the support.

But that doesn’t make up for the fact that no one’s going to want to go to the Nashville in Morton’s anymore, due to their lousy Yelp rating and marred reputation. Serves them right?



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