While smartphone companies and app developers dream up more ways to make us dependent on our cellies, a growing number of restaurant folk are trying to squash the bad habits these devices have engendered: chatting while ordering, snapping photos before eating, and general usage that distracts from the dining experience.

Some of the strategies that owners and chefs have come up with have dealt directly with people’s wallet, providing discounts (L.A.’s Eva offers 5% off to those who leave their phones at the door) or adding a small fine to the bill (one Vermont deli will hit you up for $3 for breaking the no-cell rule). Other spots put up signs prohibiting the use of cell phones, citing grievances like the distraction they cause to other diners.

Then there are restaurants that figure why fight ’em when you can use ’em to your advantage. Comodo in Manhattan has asked diners to snap photos of their dishes and post them on Instagram as a way of creating a real-time visual menu.

Whereas the anti-cellphone campaign may seem like a losing battle to some, we’re inclined to root for those willing to fight the tide of people who hold up morning coffee line or turn their table into a photo shoot.

[via ABC News]