London-based artist Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz is in the process of creating a pin-ups calendar for 2014. But this isn’t your average pin-ups calendar of babes washing cars in short skirts or swinging in short shorts. The first difference: Jaroslav throws milk and water onto his pin-up models. Then, using special lighting and camera equipment, the splash of liquid is frozen in time and morphed into fashion. We chatted with Jaroslav and asked how he creates these stunning and mind boggling MILKY PinUps.

What inspired the MILKY PinUps Calendar?

We worked on many different projects, both commercial and personal. For a while I wanted to do a liquid concept of Milky Nun. When I finally managed to do that, the illustration (pictured below) was the most popular on my blog to date. It triggered the whole Black MILK Series which was really well received and we have been awarded first prize and the gold medal in the renowned photography competition PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris in the category of advertising. For the 2014 calendar, I thought it would be nice to approach the liquid theme in a more relaxed and funny way. So we threw some colors into the mix and came up with a personal Milky PinUp tribute to my favorite pinup style artists.


What is the process behind creating the Milky images and how do you make the effect look so realistic?

The Liquid Illustrations are made with milk or water. Using special lighting and camera equipment, the movement and the splash of liquid is frozen in time and morphed into high fashion. Yes, real milk is thrown onto a real model. Every single element, splash, and prop is photographed on the day and in the same time and later layered in Photoshop. We really throw liquid on the body of the model—it is as simple as that.

When will the calendar be released?

The MILKY PinUps Calendar 2014 will premiere in Australia during my Milk Workshops Tour. In December, it will be released for ordering in quite limited numbers (only 100 copies).

Is AurumLight your photography company?

Yes, I founded the AurumLight Studio, which specializes in conceptual photography, limited calendars, and advertising. I had to find a name and a brand because no one is able to pronounce my surname.

What happens at the MILK session workshops you host?

It is a two day event that covers studio MILK sessions and intense editing training! It’s a chance to explore and push the boundaries while working with your camera, lighting equipment, models, and a team of assistants. This November we are touring Australia. You can find out more about the sessions and where they are happening on my website.

The artist at work. (Photo: AurumLight / Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz)

The artist at work. (Photo: AurumLight / Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz)