Frequenter First We Feasters are familiar with our “10 Dishes That Made My Career” series, in which we ask chefs from around the country to share the formative food moments that shaped their culinary identity and put them on the map.

For our new video series, we’ll take you deeper into the minds of 10 top chefs in NYC, seeing first-hand how they make one of their signature dishes and probing the philosophy that drives their game-changing food.

First up: Michael White, whose lusty Italian fare at restaurants like Marea, Osteria Morini, and Ai Fiori has earned him nickname “the Prince of Pasta.” At his new steakhouse Costata, he serves garganelli quills laced with truffle butter and prosciutto—an homage to a dish he first served at Fiamma, the restaurant that was in the same space as Costata until 2009. As White told us previously,

[pullquote]Garganelli is a pasta I learned to make when I went to Italy and became a stagiaire in the early ‘90s. It’s like the first type of penne pasta, before [people started making] extruded pasta. Each one of those quills is made by hand, and rolled across a cone. You put the dough on a square and turn it 45 degrees, then roll it around a dowel, so it’s got this beautiful, tight enclosure. It’s a great vehicle for prosciutto and cream sauce—[this] is one of the first dishes I learned to make in Emilia-Romagna.[/pullquote]

Watch the video above to go inside Costata’s “fresh pasta room” (a.k.a. heaven on earth) and find out how White makes this unstoppable dish.

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