Cockiness and Hot Ones are tempestuous bedfellows. Sometimes, a bit of swagger can be the competitive edge a guest needs to survive the gauntlet. And sometimes—as in the case of Coolio—it can be his undoing.

For actor and comedian Michael Rapaport, confidence turned out to be a double-edged sword. He went into the challenge guns blazing, spiking chicken bones and tossing them around the studio with reckless abandon. But eventually, the arrogance turned into fear, and then a realization that he had “shamed his family” by taking part. In other words, another Hot Ones success story!
HOT_ONES_MIKE_RAPAPORT_fromColor-for-GIFIn between the taunts and the tears, Rapaport turned the Hot Ones showdown into a hot-take factory, covering everything from his beloved New York Knicks, to Donald Trump’s dick obsession. He also constructs a remarkably detailed fantasy hoops team of reality-TV stars, naming none other than Ray J as the GM (“His fuck style is buckwild!”).

Watch the video above to see Michael Rapaport scale the heights of Mount Scoville while discussing his rap-video cameos and the supremacy of Steph Curry.

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