You may know Michael Ian Black from the cult comedy classic Wet Hot American Summer, the popular podcast “Mike and Tom Eat Snacks” with Tom Cavanagh, or the book he co-wrote with Meghan McCain (America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom). What you might not know is that Black is a member of the Ice-Cream Illuminati, and he uses his frozen-treats influence in the only way that makes sense: to shill delicious confections for Klondike. We haven’t “confirmed” this with any “sources,” but we’re pretty confident he was in the studio with Kanye West when Yeezy cooked up the line, “Heard they’d do anything for a Klondike / Well, I’d do anything for a blonde dyke.”

Recently, Black launched a video series on College Humor that explains the origins of Klondike’s newest product, Klondike Kandy Bars—a mashup of candy and ice cream in one handheld package. The racy “bedtime” story and associated ads explore the origins of “The Best Ice Cream Bar Ever Conceived,” taking the word conceived at face value and suggesting that ice cream and candy literally knocked boots to create the new hybrid treat.

Thanks to Black and Klondike, we now know how Doritos Locos Tacos and the Cronut really came into this world. But there were a few questions left unanswered, so we invited Black to FWF HQ for a serious ice-cream inquisition.

Watch the video about to see comedian Michael Ian Black discuss the ultimate ice cream sandwich (i.e., two servings of ice cream, with some love-making jammed in the middle).