For those of you more concerned with real beef than rap beef, let us catch you up on the great Drake vs. Meek Mill debacle of 2015.

Last week, Philly rapper Meek Mill called out Drake for allegedly using ghostwriters to pen his songs, and tweeted a whole bunch of slander in Aubrey’s direction. Drake laid low, then released two back-to-back diss tracks that painted Meek deep into a corner. Funkmaster Flex hyped up a response that never came, and the memes ran rampant. Even chains like Whataburger got their jabs in.

Finally, with hip-hop fans and thinkpiece writers huddled around the glow of their iPhones deep into the evening, Meek unleashed his Drake diss, “Wanna Know,” last night. Spoiler alert: It was utter trash.

Not only was Meek’s track instantly met with as many trash emojis as you can fit into one tweet, but a lot of people also had trouble understanding any of the lines. The first comment on the Genius annotation of the lyrics—with more than 140 upvotes—reads: “Had to come here cuz i couldn’t understand what he was saying.”

So why was Meek so inaudible on the most important track of his career—the one where you really need to know what he’s saying about his opponent? One popular theory that has emerged on Twitter is that the embattled MC recorded the song with a mouthful of food.

Here’s what the Internet thinks Meek was munching on as he dug his career an early grave:



Mashed potatoes

Birthday cake

Cheddar biscuits


Now & Laters

His own spit

Here are a few other theories about what Meek Mill sounds like.

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