McDonald’s is attempting to get McClassy: According to the Los Angeles Business Journal, the chain is now offering table service at over 600 locations in Southern California. Instead of ordering at the counter and having to toil around waiting for your tray of McNuggets or brown paper bag of burgers, McDonald’s will now deliver your food to your table. This is similar to service found in higher end chain restaurants like Panera and Noodles and Company—places that also aren’t quite “fast food.”

In addition to table service, McDonald’s is also rolling out a new menu in those locations. Called “TasteCrafted,” the menu gives diners the choice between beef patties or a buttermilk chicken cutlet and their choice of bun—include potato, sesame seed, and artisan roll options. A McDonald’s spokesperson reveals that it is “too early to tell whether the menu would be offered in McDonald’s stores nationwide.”

This is just the latest attempt by McDonald’s to transform itself into a more upscale brand. The chain supplemented its famed (and very cheap) dollar menu in 2012 with an “extra value menu” that offered some one dollar items. It recently replaced with a “McPick 2” option that offers a small meal for two bucks. The chain also rolled out Create Your Taste burger kiosks at many of its locations. There, diners are able to order customized burgers—with a slew of topping options including tortilla strips—with seriously pricey results. Other changes include the introduction of truffle fries at locations in Singapore and a promise to switch to cage-free eggs. What’s next? Bow-tied waiters? The choice between tap or sparkling water? Trendy small plates?

[via LABJ]