The day we’ve been patiently waiting for has finally arrived: McDonald’s all-day breakfast is now available nationwide.

After months of anticipation, McDonald’s has rolled out all-new breakfast menus so you can score a McMuffin with fries during your lunch break. Whether your local McDonald’s is pro-McMuffin or pro-biscuit, you can expect to find the nation divided as customers discover the differing all day breakfast menus.

As we reported last month, depending on your location, the restaurant will feature a menu focused on either McMuffins or biscuits—not both. McDonald’s even created a handy little map to illustrate which states get to indulge in which breakfast menu.


(Image: McDonald’s)

Customers are just now finding out that this “limited” menu has left out many of our breakfast favorites including the McGriddle and all-day hash browns.

Today, through trial and error, the nation will discover what exactly all-day breakfast offerings at McDonald’s entail. So far, these diehard fans have discovered that the new menu may not fully live up to the hype: 

Nothing can ruin a day like the inability to order hash browns 24/7

No McGriddle, no point.

Some people just weren’t emotionally ready for the change

Even our Northern neighbors are disappointed

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