San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner is a serious sandwich enthusiast. The NBA player is so in love with sandwiches that he has his own blog called The Sandwich Hunter: The Quest for the Hoagie Grail.


In his review of Bay Cities Deli in Los Angeles, Bonner compares himself to Larry David, then writes,

“I also aspire to have a sandwich named after me some day (see Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 5, episode 1).”

Thus far, Bonner has reviewed 26 sandwiches around the country—from Dagwood’s in Minneapolis to Carnegie Deli in New York City. There’s even a map on the site that shows the location of each sandwich shop Bonner has visited.


His reviews include 1-5 basketball (instead of star) ratings of everything from “bread” to “atmosphere,” as well as original sandwich photography and the occasional sandwich shop selfie.

Besides Bonner’s engaging, detailed prose—our favorite thing about the blog has got to be these impeccable selfies.






Here’s a video of Bonner crafting a foot-long sandwich, and complaining about the lack of pickles.

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[via Sandwich Hunter]