It’s a great time to be alive for those who enjoy spreads. In addition to classics like peanut butter, jelly, Marmite, and the obsession-inducing Nutella, there are also spreads made from theoretically un-spreadable things like cookies (shout out to speculoos). So, it only makes sense that a company would finally figure out how to make spreads from a candy bar. Enter Twix spread.

FoodBev Media reports that the new product is essentially a deconstructed Twix bar. The caramel-laced chocolate good also features crunchy pieces of the candy bar’s signature biscuit layer. A spokesperson for Mars Chocolate, Twix’s parent company, recommends serving it on warm toast or as a “crumpet topper,” which is a lovely turn of phrase.

Unfortunately, for now, it looks as if the Twix spread is available only in the UK, where 200 gram jars will sell for around $3. In addition to the Twix spread, UK residents can also purchase a creme egg-flavored cashew butter by Funky Nut Co.

[via FoodBev Media]