An idiot customer left a Joe’s Crab Shack waitress no tip on a $71 check, all because the restaurant was out of sour cream. Instead, he wrote “Find Sour Cream” on the tip line.

The emotionally stunted customer then posted a picture of the receipt on Facebook for others to see.

After seeing the photo online, the idiot’s outraged cousin, Dustin Clark, posted the picture on his own Facebook in an attempt to publicly shame his kin. In the caption, Clark writes,

All they had to say about it was ‘they had sour cream last time we ate there.’

You know what they say: you can’t pick your fam, but you can choose when to post something on social media.sour

After work, he drove to the Oklahoma City Joe’s Crab Shack and gave the waitress a card and $20, and apologized for his rude family.

Gawker points out that Oklahoma is a tipped minimum wage state, so “their server was being paid $2.13 an hour to put up with their shit.” The story made the local news, and was shared hundreds of times on social media.

Here’s the entire amazing Facebook post from Clark:share

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