Subway can’t catch a break. Just a week after the chain’s longtime spokesman Jared Fogel pled guilty to child pornography charges, a franchise in Provo, Utah allegedly served an Italian hoagie with a little something extra. We’re talking live maggots crawling throughout the sandwich.


Photo: Flickr

The video above, posted just three days ago, shows the unlucky Subway customer returning to the deli counter to complain about the creepy crawlies and try to get his money back. The video clearly shows live bugs squirming around the wrapper, but there’s an even bigger issue at hand: the man ate almost all of the sandwich.

If he didn’t notice the maggots until the end of his sub, that’s understandable—but it’s still suspicious. Next, the woman at the counter apologizes profusely, but then starts getting defensive, and if you’ve ever worked in food service you know this is most definitely not the correct course of action.


The woman says, “We know these kind of worms, they’re not harmful, they come from vegetables.” Preach. She then asks if he has a receipt. While we’ve never worked at Subway, we think the correct course of action here would be to give the man his money and pray that you don’t end up on the evening news.

The video ends with the man telling the cashier that he’ll call the cops, to which our employee of the month replies, “The cops can’t do anything, sir.” The man claims he will file a report and then says “disgusting!” one more time before he cuts the camera.

Eat fresh, fam.

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