Watch competitive eater Kevin Strahle, also known as the L.A. Beast, consume spiky cacti. Strahle says he was inspired to take on this incredibly idiotic challenge after watching YouTube members La Fenix and Children of Poseidon attempt the same feat.

Strahle whimpers like a little baby after his first bite of the cactus, then proclaims he has spikes in his lips (duh). He then starts to cry and exclaim, “I don’t want to swallow it.” He then tells himself mind over matter and swallows the thorn-ridden cactus. In the midst of the whole debacle, he interjects that the cactus tastes like fruit. Next thing you know, he’s at the finish line—but literally chokes in the end. Yes, Strahle gives up at the last moment like a big loser. We’re going to write this guy off as lame and go eat some spike-less nopales tacos.

[via Complex Tech]