As if the word “dongle” wasn’t weird enough, now it’s been bizarrely matched with a popcorn scent to make sure your nose doesn’t miss out on the experience of a mobile app. Pop Secret has just released the Pop Dongle, an unabashedly cheerful accessory to accompany the brand’s mobile game, Poptopia. The Pop Dongle releases a buttered-popcorn scent every time a player swipes across the butter icon in the game.

By plugging into the phone’s audio jack, the dongle receives a specific frequency that triggers the release of the smell. The Pop Dongle is currently in a testing phase. So while we wait we have plenty of time to say the word dongle and hope for potential dongles-of-the-future. Starbucks Dongle? Bacon Dongle? Cronut Dongle??? Check out the full video promo for the Pop Dongle above.

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