For some people, ramen brings them back to their dorm room days of slurping down ramen while cranking out 15 page papers into the wee hours of the morning. Clutching onto the styrofoam cups with a strange mixture of comfort and self loathing, it’s not difficult to see how ramen had gotten a bad reputation over the years. But the time has come to step back and fully appreciate ramen, now that the Momofuku empire, as well as the arrival of major Japanese players like Ippudo and Ivan Ramen, have really kicked the craze for noodle-laced soups into high gear. No matter if you house a bowl of tsukemen at this L.A. ramen spot, flag down this ramen food truck in Oklahoma City, hit up this newly-opened ramen counter in Hell’s Kitchen, or simply sit back and enjoy this slideshow, do take a moment and acknowledge ramen for its deliciousness.

Click through the slideshow and indulge in these alluring photos of ramen.

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