It’s National Pancake Month, everybody. Don’t ask questions like, “Who is this person that arbitrarily assigns foodstuffs to months, days, and weeks?,” just go and eat pancakes.

The thing we love most about pancakes is how versatile they are. There are, of course, pancakes made from classic batter, which are intended as vehicles for syrup or fresh fruit. Then there are savory blini pancakes, made to be eaten with delicacies like caviar and smoked salmon. Pancakes can be made with root vegetables, like potatoes, or stuffed with scallions and served with roast duck.

Austrians make a chopped up pancake dessert called kaiserschmarrn, and Koreans make savory pancakes loaded with vegetables and seafood. McDonald’s even makes small pancakes with maple syrup droplets ingeniously suspended inside, which serve as buns for their McGriddles. There’s literally no wrong way to eat pancakes.

Need inspiration for your month of pancake eating? Simply take a peek at the gallery above.

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