Ever wondered what color sprinkles are on a Tim Hortons’ doughnut, or how to order coffee in Canada?

Lots of Donuts has got the answers. The website is a “curated anthology” of doughnut trivia and history, all presented in a graphic, Wes Anderson-like style.

Canadian design firm Pilot Interactive created the site to showcase the best Tim Hortons baked goods; each slide analyzes a different doughnut, like the Dutchie and the Boston Cream. There are even tiny diagrams, letting you know the dough to sugar ratio.

The site even examines Timbits, the famed teeny dough bites created by the coffee chain in 1976. Since then, every location has been required to carry a minimum of eight varieties (there are 39 total).

Tim Hortons has been in the game since 1964—if you’re not familiar, think of it as Dunkin’ Donuts with a Canuck accent.

Want more trivia? Check out Lots of Donuts for the coolest doughnut-themed history lesson we’ve ever had.

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[via Design Taxi]