Lil B (a.k.a., the Based God) just released VegEMOJI, a free vegan-themed mobile app that lets you send meat- and GMO-free emojis to all your friends.

The Berkeley rapper partnered with Follow Your Hearta L.A.-based vegan food company best known for creating Vegenaise, on the emoji app, which brings vegan-endorsing stickers to your smartphone (peep the “Cool People Are Kind to Animals” one below). 

Based God tells The Daily Dot that one of his favorites comes from Basemoji: “Let’s adopt a dog.”veganbased

The company says it created VegEmoji with the rapper “to spread positivity, sustainability, and a healthy, plant-based lifestyle with the world!” No, Lil B isn’t a vegan or vegetarian, but says he’s been trying to cut down on processed foods and is “ashamed of eating meat.”

It’s unsurprising that Lil B launched a food-based app, seeing that the rapper created the Cooking Dance, and refers to many of his songs as Cooking Music (they’re helpfully labelled as such on his YouTube page). These songs provide the ideal soundtrack for the cooking dance, which essentially involves simulating various kitchen maneuvers—whipping a pot, putting a tray into the oven, spooning food onto a plate—to the beat of the music. 


Lil B tells the Daily Dot, “I’m always a part of tech, manipulating it in my own way. I’ve been in the Internet since Web TV.” Just last year, the rapper released Basedmoji for all your based texting needs.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé and her trainer launched a vegan meal delivery service this week, in hopes of “helping the world get healthier.”

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