If any burger spot was going to bring the lasagna bun into the world, it was always going to be the place already infamous for introducing a taco shell made entirely of bacon. Philadelphia’s PYT has outdone itself with its latest monstrosity, though: a meatball-seasoned burger patty encased in two “buns” of mozzarella and ricotta lasagna which are, of course, deep-fried.

The burger itself is topped with marinara sauce (made in-house!) and provolone cheese, and comes with a side of “Italian-Parm” fries, though not a complimentary ride to the hospital to help with diners’ inevitable coronaries. Mercifully, the Lasagna-Bun Burger is only available at PYT through the end of the week, so the cardiovascular health of the greater Philadelphia area wont take too big of a hit. Until then, Philadelphians are advised to proceed with caution.

The “Lasagna-Bun Burger” looks pretty deplorable, but we’re going to go ahead and usher it into the Dude Food Hall of Fame. Or is it Shame?

[via Eater]