We have vague memories of that girl in high school who described her ideal career as “like, that person who picks nail polish names.”

Well, one South Korean female has our dream job: Park Seo-yeon is earning over $9,000 a month eating in front of webcam, according to a Reuters report.

South Korea’s latest trend, gastronomic voyeurism, allows participants to share in the experience of eating without actually shoveling noodles down their throats. That’s Park’s job. She broadcasts from her apartment for about three hours every day, according to Reuters.

Here is a mesmerizing video of Park eating in her apartment in Incheon, west of Seoul:

With Park in mind, we’ve scoured the internet for the dumbest, easiest, or (depending upon your attitude) most clever food industry jobs. Take that, Thomas Keller.

Read through the list, and then promptly quit your job to either name nail polish or pig out on camera.

Three Jobs as Absurd as Getting Paid to Eat on Camera

1. Dog Food Tester

How do companies know what Fido likes? How do they know what happens to human who accidentally ingest it? You got it: human dog food testers.


2. Jelly Doughnut Filler

It’s a sticky job, but someone’s got to do it.

giphy (7)


3. Potato Chip Inspector

We wouldn’t want a chip that’s not crinkly enough, now would we?

giphy (4)

[via Next Shark]

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