Do you want your face cream to “extend bouncily on your face such like ‘mozzarella cheese'”?

Well then, we think you need to purchase this Bounce Cheese Cream from Korean cosmetic brand ENPRANI.


Although it does not smell like cheese (tear), the moisturizing face cream “feels and looks like melted mozzarella cheese cascading down a slice of deep-dish pizza,” according to beauty website Into The Gloss. So weird.

The beneficial ingredient in the product is whey, a by-product of the cheese-making process. According to Into The Gloss, “It is a natural protein that hydrates and firms your skin, and it contains lactic acid, which helps remove dead surface-layer skin cells to reveal newer ones.”

The sticky consistency is much like snail cream, reoprts the beauty blog. WTF is snail cream? No one knows, but we know that Korean beauty products are truly next level.

We can only pray that the next trend in beauty isn’t weird food products in face cream.

[via Into The Gloss]

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