Kona fisherman Guy Kitaoka set out to catch some ahi tuna for a friend’s luau. He ended up with what he calls “the catch of a lifetime,” a 1,368-pound blue marlin that took him over an hour-and-a-half to reel in.

Hawaii News Now reports that at 14.5 feet long, and 84 inches around, the fish was so big that it couldn’t fit on Kitaoka’s boat and a charter boat was needed to bring it to shore.

Kitaoka describes to First We Feast just how difficult it is to catch a marlin that’s the size of a small submarine. He says, “We have captains here in Kona that have fished for years on end and still have yet to catch a grander [a marlin weighing 1,000 pounds or more]. It’s very rare. For me, it’s the catch of a lifetime.” 

The impressive 1,368 catch wasn’t Kitaoka’s first run-in with a marlin. He states, “Over the years, I’ve landed a 600 to 700 pound marlin. It got away somehow and we weren’t able to land it. This one we actually were able to land. It’s amazing that it was as big as it was.” 

But the giant didn’t give up without a fight. It took Kitaoka over an hour-and-a-half to catch this beast of a fish.

The Marlin is the biggest catch Kona has seen in over 25 years. The current record for the biggest Marlin was set in 1952, which was only eight pounds heavier than Kitaoka’s catch.

The best part of the story? Kitaoka gave the fish to his friend who will be making Marlin sausage out of the giant 1,368-pound fish for his granddaughter’s first birthday. If you’re interested in trying marlin for yourself, Kitaoka says it’s also great smoked, or served raw and thinly sliced (that is, if you’re working with a younger fish).

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