Do you like Wayback Burgers? If so, be prepared to wish you were Kim Kardashian West.

To celebrate her newly-announced pregnancy, the burger chain just offered the country’s most famous mom free burgers and milkshakes for the duration of her pregnancy, reports WYFF News.

Wayback Burgers representative Arianna DeDominicis said in a press release that the “Kim Kard”—which entitles Kardashian to free burgers and milkshakes at any of Wayback Burgers’ 100+ locations nationwide—is simply meant as a gift, and does not imply any endorsement of any kind.

It’s a beautiful gesture. We’d be moved to tears, too.

kim kardashian crying

Just about every pregnant woman we’ve ever known would kill for free burgers and milkshakes. But will Kardashian go for it? After all, it was only a couple months ago that Carl’s Jr. CEO Andy Puzder claimed Kim can’t eat a burger properly.

wayback burgers cricket milkshakes

It’s OK to say no to those burgers and still get your protein, Kim.

Luckily, Wayback Burgers is also offering free milkshakes as part of their gift. Maybe a cricket jerky milkshake, a specialty of Wayback Burgers, will be more appealing to the soon-to-be-mother-of-two?

In any case, we hope the same morning sickness that prevented Kardashian from celebrating National Donut Day doesn’t hold her back from any free burgers and shakes if she wants them.

[via WYFF]