Picture the first scene from Wolf of Wall Street, then pretend it’s happening in the cubbies of a middle school.

CBS News reports:

[pullquote]Officials at a Portsmouth Middle School in Rhode Island warned parents last week that they recently became aware of a trend where students were crushing the classic [Smarties] candies into a “fine powder” while still in the wrapper, then either putting the powder in their mouths and exhaling it through the mouth or nose like cigarette smoke, or using a straw or rolled up piece of paper to snort the powder as if it were cocaine.[/pullquote]

The worst part: doctors say the sugar may become trapped in the nasal passages, attracting nasal maggotsExcuse me?

Let’s recall the Great Faux-Drug Panics of the past few years: there was the cinnamon challenge, then the flamin’ hot cheetos debacle. And probably a few that we’re forgetting. At this point, it seems like local news outlets are just making things up.

As always, the Twitter-verse has a lot to say on the subject.

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[via FoodBeast]