Well, is it? According to CNN, California security guard Devorise Dixon claims it is. Dixon reportedly ordered a three-piece chicken tender meal from KFC when he pulled the above item from the box, bit in, tasted something “hard and rubbery,” and then spit it out. Why’d he think it was a rat? This is what he told an L.A. radio station: “I looked down at my hand and I realized that it was in the shape of a rat with a tail and everything in it.”

Dismayed at what he potentially found, Dixon went back to the KFC where he purchased the tenders and presented the item—which he’d kept in his freezer—with his receipt. The manager of the store flipped and confirmed that, yes, it was a rat. The location then offered Dixon a free meal that he declined. Dixon then hired a lawyer. KFC was alerted to the chicken-less strip and responded on its Facebook page:

KFC takes customer claims very seriously, and we are continuing to investigate this matter. Our chicken tenders often vary in size and shape, and we currently have no evidence to support this claim. We are aggressively trying to reach Mr. Dixon, and we request that he return to the restaurant with the product for testing, or call us at 1-800-Call-KFC.

Dixon refused to speak with CNN or KFC. With all of this in mind, do you think it’s a rat? Watch CNN’s video on the story below.

UPDATE: Dixon was probably not served a rat, and it’s more than likely a hoax. Business Insider provides a fairly damning breakdown of photos that Dixon didn’t originally share, which not only shows what appears to be white chicken meat but also a lack of bones (Dixon bit into an area of the item where the rat’s skull would be; however, inspection reveals there’s likely only meat in that area).

Dixon still hasn’t responded to interview requests or KFC.

UPDATE 2: It wasn’t a rat. The tender was indeed chicken. KFC released a statement on its Facebook yesterday that it had a third party test the in-question item:

Recently, a customer questioned the quality of a KFC product, and this received considerable publicity given the sensational nature of his claim. The product has now been tested by a third-party independent lab, which confirmed it is definitely a piece of chicken, as we knew all along. The right thing for this customer to do is to apologize and cease making false claims about the KFC brand.

Dixon hasn’t commented.

[via CNN]