In an age where technology reigns supreme, it seems as though nothing can hide from receiving a new upgrade—even waffles.

Introducing The Keyboard Waffle Iron, designed as an ode to everyone’s favorite QWERTY keyboard. The iron creates massive keyboard-sized waffles allowing you to indulge in three waffles in one convenient serving. What’s not to love?

The idea is revolutionary. Not only does the iron create quirky waffles perfect for your token computer geek, but the keys on the waffle also serve as perfect syrup compartments.

According to Mental Floss, the idea began as a Kickstarter campaign by founder Chris Dimino. The idea went viral, with hundreds of people pitching in to help Dimino reach his $50,000 goal. The campaign raised $66,685, allowing production to begin on the first-ever keyboard waffle.

Today, you can order the iron for yourself along with a keyboard waffle cookbook so you can impress your friends with giant pumpkin-spice keyboard waffles at Sunday brunch.

[via Mental Floss]