It might be National Pancake Day, but Kevin Bacon really wants you to start your morning with eggs. In his latest commercial for the American Egg Board, Kevin Bacon teams up with his brother Michael to show people the power of waking up with eggs.

If this feels like a throwback, you might be remember Bacon’s previous egg commercial. Kevin Bacon explains in a statement,

“People really got a kick out of last year’s campaign, and this year, we wanted to make it a Bacon Brothers effort. Who better to continue waking people up to eggs than the duo who knows and likes eggs best?”

The Bacon Brothers take the viewer through a variety of awkward situations, constantly reminding us that “one large egg has six grams of high-quality protein for 70 calories and no sugar or carbs.”

But if the not-so-subtle egg facts don’t stick, the Bacon Brother’s catchy tune definitely will.


[via YouTube]