If you haven’t been following every second of the Kimye nuptials in Florence, we salute you for being a reasonable human being. But we did feel impelled to interrupt your regularly scheduled Memorial Day weekend drinking to bring you the menu from the Hip-Hop Wedding of the Century, leaked by everyone’s favorite Kardashian family stalker, @Kardashianpedia:


Lots of buzzwords on here—marjoram (everyone foodie’s favorite oregano-like herb), celeriac (root vegetables!), homemade sorbet—but otherwise this is a relatively standard pasta-fish-meat wedding menu, with only superficial nods to the host city. It does, however, get props for going with monkfish, a relatively unorthodox and trendy choice.

According to a local news site, 200 guests enjoyed the meal at a 60-meter-long marble table. Here are some photos!

And don’t worry—according to other unreliable sources, plenty of Ace of Spades was popped to mark the occasion.

[via Twitter/@Kardashianpedia]

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