The video clip above—from Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians—shows Kim explaining exactly how Mr. West used up his one phone call when he went to jail in 2008. In classic Kanye ridiculousness, he used it to call Mr. Chow.

In reference to the time Kanye was locked up after smashing a paparazzo’s camera, Kardashian says,

“They arrested him, and you know you get to make one call in jail, so he called Mr. Chow’s and ordered takeout to jail.”

We don’t have any trouble believing the reality TV starlet, given Kanye’s love for lavish takeout. In 2007, the BBC reported that Kanye west ordered £2,000 of Indian takeout from British Raj in south Wales—including a rare five-foot-long Ayre fish, accompanied by the chef himself—for his entourage in New York.

When plebs go to jail, they typically use their one phone call to call their lawyer. When Kanye gets arrested, he apparently just repeats this line from “Success” over and over in his head: “How many times can I go to Mr. Chow’s, Tao, Nobu / Hold up, let me move my bowels.” Gotta love the man.

[via Instagram, Gawker]

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