In the annals of Hot Ones, there are two wing-eating maniacs who stand out from the pack: Coolio, who brashly poured half a bottle of Blair’s Death Sauce onto his final wing, and Gunplay, who was basically unfazed by the entire challenge.

Add former *NSYNC member and current My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 star Joey Fatone to the Hot Ones hall of fame, because the jack-of-all-trades entertainer showed up big time for the latest Scoville showdown with host Sean Evans—even though we did have to give him naked chicken tenders because he was coming off a cleanse. (To be honest, there’s an argument to be made that they soak up the sauces even more than the fried wings.)
HO_FatoneAs he worked his way through the ten wings of death, Fatone opened up about everything from Dead 7, a boy-band zombie Western starring some of his fellow ’90s pop stars, to the times that Eminem dragged *NSYNC’s name through the mud back in the early aughts (“I don’t think he ever meant any it. [It was just] whatever rhymed with ‘ass-kicked’…I guess Chris Kirkpatrick is all he came up with.”)

Also, major key alert: Fatone is the first guest to sample our brand-new Hot Ones Fiery Chipotle hot sauce—a collabo with Homeboy’s Hot Sauce and Heatonist—which now occupies the fifth spot in the wings lineup. You can learn more about the sauce and purchase a bottle of your own right here.

Watch the video above to see Joey Fatone sweat his way through some of the hottest sauces on the planet, all while summoning the bravado to throw his former high-school classmate DJ Khaled under the bus.

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