The world’s biggest sandwich chain swiftly severed its ties after Feds raided Subway spokesman Jared Fogle’s home on child pornography charges earlier this week.

A former journalist in Florida came forward yesterday saying Fogel often made “surprising and inappropriate remarks” to her while the two were conversing. The woman tells ABC News that Jared would often visit schools in Sarasota County, and allegedly told her a number of times that, “Middle school girls are hot.”

It comes as no surprise that Subway is distancing itself from Fogel. “Jared’s Journey,” a Subway web feature chronicling Fogle’s weight loss, was the first Fogel-related material to come down from the official Subway website.

Shortly afterward, orders from a higher up at Subway told franchisees to show Jared the door, and stores removed any promotional material or signage depicting Fogel’s face.

Removing The “Jared’s Pants Dance” Game Should Really Have Been a Priority, Though

Don’t worry, it’s down now.

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Distancing yourself from your embattled spokesman seems completely appropriate if you’re Subway. But after over 15 years of being in business together, it still has to be weird for everyone involved—especially those franchisees who were responsible for plastering Jared promotional materials everywhere. Even though Jared is a real person, he was as much a mascot for the brand as Ronald McDonald or Burger King’s King.

This is all just a reminder of how quickly things can change. Right now, we’re pretty sure that Jared is the car, and Subway is Angela Bassett.

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